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20/twenty Challenge - 26 March 2017

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Did you know that cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood? Children with cerebral palsy can wait up to 12 months for vital equipment. Every dollar you donate today will go directly towards purchasing life changing equipment.

The 20/twenty Challenge is no easy feat, but with your help your friend, family or colleague won't have to go through it alone. By supporting them you are also helping to supply kids with cerebral palsy much needed equipment. You can search for individuals by their First OR Last name OR team name OR by the organisation name.

Support an individual participating in the 20/twenty challenge. Search for them by entering their name or team name or organisation name in the field below and click search.

Participant's Name Team Name Organisation
Steve Anthony Aquasia 2 Aquasia
Peter Beaumont Aquasia 1 Aquasia
Molly Schafer Aquasia 1 Aquasia
Alison Beaumont Aquasia 1 Aquasia
Col McKeith Aquasia 1 Aquasia
Deb McKeith Aquasia 1 Aquasia
Erin Perry Cerebral Palsy Alliance Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Fauve Hancock Charter Hall Charter Hall
Rhys Simonds Charter Hall Charter Hall
emma stewart Charter Hall Charter Hall
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